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Adventia is a cutting-edge firm that delivers powerful enterprise applications  that are critical for online business. Founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) alumni, as well as by outstanding professionals from other prestigious universities, Adventia is committed to pursuing and using technological innovation to deliver products for clients with an exceptional level of excellence and timeliness.

These innovative technologies include live community chat rooms and e-mail management tools. With advanced software applications and creativity, Adventia encourages companies to offer a wide range of real-time services to customers, users, or employees, therefore creating thriving online business communities.

The company's core product, Adventia Chat Server, provides a simple and affordable way to create real-time chat rooms on any internet or intranet site. Internet Service Providers use Adventia Chat Server to provide chat hosting services for their web hosting and dial-up customers.

Adventia believes that interaction between people is the key component required to make any web site come alive. The demand for commercial chat servers on web sites is being driven by businesses that want to sell advertising within chat rooms and generate repeat site visits from their customers.

By bringing groups of people with similar interests together, web producers can create large, targeted audiences for advertisers. The more focused the affinity group, the higher the price an advertiser will be willing to pay. The longer visitors stay on a site, the more advertisements web producers can realistically broadcast to them. Chat rooms are proving to be the best way to bring the largest groups of people together online for the longest periods of time.

Chat rooms are used for a variety of applications including help desks, corporate intranets, customer service, community building, distance learning, and much more. To learn what chat rooms can do for your site, please visit our White Paper section.

Adventia recognizes it is important that any and all of the solutions it offers result in comprehensive knowledge transfer - ensuring that its clients become well-versed in the technology and well-prepared for subsequent efforts.

The company headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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