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Our Clients

Our products are all around the world.
Our products are all around the world!
Here are a few of the clients using our products.

Financial Services
Health Care
Internet Communities
Internet Services




"Using Adventia's products has made our educational websites more interactive for the students and professors. Students can now discuss issues with professors at scheduled times using the chat server software. The customer service has been excellent and extremely helpful. Whenever I need ASP work to be done on the web,  checking out Adventia's website is the first thing I do because it has been my experience that their products are reliable but also very affordable."
Yoruba Amador
Missouri Western State College

Nortel (Canada)

DataTek, Inc. (USA)

Whole Brain Media (USA)

Voicelink (UK)

ARAMEX International (USA)

Diário Grande ABC SA (Brazil)

Activate (USA)

Inside Software (USA)

PC Remedies Ltd. (Canada)

Carey James Productions (USA)

Publishing Concepts (USA)

Simply (USA)

Eastern Research Group (USA)

Tribesoft (USA)


StudyWorld (Korea)

Office of Adult Learning Technology (USA)

Missouri Western State College (USA)

Huddersfield's Community Internet Centre (UK) -

Financial Services

Bank Rate Monitor (USA)

Credit Agricole Centre EST (France)

The Chase Manhattan Bank (USA)

Health Care

IDX Systems Corporation (USA)

Baxter International (UK)

California Chiropractic Association (USA)

Internet Communities

Bolivia Web (Bolivia)
See Chat

Chicago Fire (USA)

RF Globalnet (USA)

Alpha Sim, Inc. (Canada)

GIP Cooperation (Germany)

Wild Site (Germany)

Plank Road (USA)

The Teddies Trader (USA)

Rundfunk Media (Germany)

BonSoft Oy (Finland)


Pass Trading (USA)

Wizardware LLC (USA)

Kappler & Kappler (Germany)

Petite Net (USA)

Derrike Cope Fan Club (USA)

The Wargamer (USA)

Internet Services

QBUS Agentur fur Kommunikation und Werbung (Germany)

Compuspeed Informatica Ltda. (Brazil)

Internet Illinois (USA)

ConnectOS Corporation (USA)

NeTraveler (USA)

Optimize Inc (USA)

CompuStore Distribuidores (Mexico)

Planetatlanta (USA)

Synchronicity (USA)

NetLink (Japan)

Infinety (USA)

Snafu (Germany)

Surfree Com, Inc. (USA)

CyberHouse Media Inc (USA)

Intranomix (USA)

Mohawk Valley Internet Provider (USA)

ZDial (USA)

Arabian Network Information Services (Bahrain) -

SoundFront (USA)

Computer Ways, Inc. (USA) (USA)


International Women's Media Foundation (USA)

Associated Industries (USA)

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